Art Guild Benefits

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Why Should I join an Art Guild?

Here are a few of the reasons that joining the North Clackamas Arts Guild could be the best thing you have done for your artistic career.

  • You will meet and make friends with artists that share your passion for painting.
  • You can enter our Annual Art Show at a reduced cost.
  • Your art will improve when you bring some of your paintings to the meetings for a friendly critique.
  • Enter our in-house art competitions and take home a ribbon or two!
  • Our “rotating” art program lets you hang your paintings (and perhaps sell some) in many interesting places around Portland.
  • Low cost workshops provide you with expert painting instruction in a small class environment.
  • We provide our members with a “membership book” listing the contact information for other members so you can follow up on something you saw or heard at a meeting or just chat with fellow artists.
  • Our monthly newsletter keeps you up-to-date with Guild activities and opportunities.
  • You can have a free page on our web site for an “artist’s bio” and a photo of yourself along with images of your artwork.  A great tool for marketing your artwork. Use our documents as a jumping off point to create your own then send your documents and images to
  • We have a great summer picnic!

Why not join?  Attend a meeting and see what you are missing!