Barbara Seliner

Growing up in Salem, Oregon, Barbara spent a lot of time on her grandparent’s farm among the animals and nature. As a child, she enjoyed making jewelry, doing various craft and sewing projects. Midlife, Barbara went on to train as an educator getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a minor in Science and, after four years of teaching in public school, a Master’s Degree with emphasis in Learning Disabilities.
While Barbara dabbled, during her career, with tempera, acrylics, colored and drawing pencils, she always shied away from watercolors. It wasn’t until 30 years later, after retirement and needing three graduate credit hours to keep her teaching certification current, that she took a class entitled, Sketchbook Power from Lee Olga, a local artist. It was Lee who introduced Barbara to “the Wonderful World of Watercolor Painting” and the rest, as they say, is history!
She continued drawing and experimenting with watercolors using whatever caught her eye in nature and on her travels, recording it all in her travel journal. Sometime after that, Barbara was invited and joined the North Clackamas Arts Guild with no idea of being an artist, seeing herself more as a hobbyist enjoying art and interested in learning more about the art world.
When “the guild” was planning their next Art Show, they encouraged Barbara to enter a couple of her painting, and wanting to support the art guild she did. Low-and-behold and to her utter shock, Barbara’s painting was awarded Second Place in her category AND the Judge’s Choice Award. Thinking they were just encouraging her and being nice to a newbie, she took those paintings and entered them in the Multnomah County Fair where no one knew her. Barbara was flabbergasted when they awarded her First Place in the show AND the Superintendent’s Award. Truth be told, she still has a hard time seeing herself as an artist, but…..

You can contact Barbara through her email:
Or leave a message at 503-786-1222

North Clackamas Arts Guild
2015-2016 Secretary
2017-2018 Membership Chairman