Pam Davis

Pam Davis

Pam Davis

Growing up in an artistic family, Pam saw life through the lens of her father’s camera. He caught the beauty of God’s creations in the mountains and trees. In portraits, he captured the wisdom in the older face and the wonderment of a child.

After 35+ years in the fields of fashion, modeling, and retail management (locally and nationally), Pam has been enjoying the life of early retirement. In 2001, she found the opportunity to do something she had always had the desire to try: Painting.

Attending an oil class with her sister-in-law, Pam found a true freedom of expression. After three years of studying traditional oils, Pam took on a new challenge: Becoming certified in landscape, floral and wildlife by teaching the Bob Ross “wet on wet” method. While teaching, Pam has found many new rewards in seeing the joy of accomplishment in others.

Continuing her own education, she studied portrait art under Nettie Kay Williams.

Pam feels she has ‘found her lens’ in paintbrushes and canvas. Her work is recognized locally and internationally.

She lives and paints in Oregon City, Oregon and can be reached by phone at 503-655-2062 and by email

Affiliations:  North Clackamas Arts Guild